We're now accepting Stripe an Apple Pay!

  • Thursday, 15th December, 2016
  • 18:27pm

We're now accepting Stripe an Apple Pay!

From today, you can now choose to pay for services, products an domains using Stripe using your Credit or Debit card as well as Apple Pay in supported countries.

Safari (Mac OS)

If you're using Safari on a Mac, and have an iOS device (that supports Apple Pay including the Apple Watch) in range, you'll be prompted on their device to authorize the payment, which will then be sent to the browser.

Supported Billing Types/Methods

Add/Remove Credit Card(s)


Customers can update their credit card at any time from the client area;
Personal card information is submitted directly to Stripe and is never stored on our servers;

If you're experiencing any issues using Stripe or Apple Pay please contact our billing department as soon as possible.

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