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Make sure your domain qualifies!

Here are the standard requirements for most domains, including all gTLDs (e.g., .COM / .NET / .ORG etc.), new gTLDs (e.g., .BID / .CLUB / .TRADE / .TECH etc.) and some ccTLDs (.TV / .ME / .CO etc.):


  • The domain must have been registered or transferred at least 60 days ago.
  • The domain must be unlocked at the current registrar (its WHOIS status should read OK or Active)
  • Some ccTLDs (.ES / .UK / .IO, etc.) have additional transfer requirements and/or exclude some points from the list above.

How long will the domain transfer take?
Domain transfers can take anywhere from 30 minutes to 8 days to complete. The exact time-frame depends on the domain’s TLD and the time required for your current registrar to complete the process.

What about downtime, and nameservers?
If you are hosting the DNS for the domain on your own, or with a web-hosting company, your nameservers will be transferred over – and there shouldn't be any downtime for the domain.

If you use your registrar's default nameservers, and want to avoid downtime during transfer, we advise the following:

  1. Set your domain to use our FreeDNS as back-up nameservers
  2. Once your domain starts using our FreeDNS, start the transfer.
  3. After the transfer, the FreeDNS will automatically switch to our default nameservers

Find out how to set up FreeDNS.

Will I lose the remaining time I have with my current registrar?
If we are talking about generic TLDs (such as .com, .info, .agency, etc.), the remaining time that you have with your current registrar will not be lost, it gets carried over. Plus, your domain will be renewed for one extra year as part of the transfer.

When it comes to country-code extensions (.de, .uk, .es, etc.), each Registry may set its own rules. Please contact our Support Team for more information.


- An extra year is added to eligible Top Level Domains (TLDs) only.
- You'll receive a WhoisGuard subscription absolutely FREE with every eligible domain registration, renewal, or transfer. WhoisGuard subscription expiration is based on purchase date rather than activation date. WhoisGuard provides subscription pursuant to its Services Agreement with us. Terms and conditions apply. Visit the WhoisGuard page for details.
- DNS features mentioned are applicable only if your domain uses our BasicDNS and our PremiumDNS.
- You receive an exclusive PositiveSSL Certificate offer (valid for the first year only) with every new product purchase except domain renewals, or purchase or renewals of any other SSL certificates. Further restrictions may apply.

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