How can I use e-mail forwarders? Through the cPanel, type E-mail Forwarders in the search box and it will guide you through... My domain doesn't seem to be working Updating your domain's name servers can take up to 48 hours to fully propagate. With... Can I change the theme in cPanel? Yes you can. There are many themes that you can use to decorate your control panel just... Can I order even though I do not live in the UK? Yes of course, you can still place orders with us. We can host all international domain names... Do you have any traffic shaping policies in effect? Due to continued abuse, we currently block the Chinese and Korean IP blocks from our main... How can I change the PHP settings? If the default PHP configuration we use on our servers is not suited well for your website, you... How do I change the domain my product is hosted on? Simply create a support ticket on the client system requesting for this to be done. You... How do I request a dedicated IP address? To request a dedicated IP, you will need to place an order for it after ordering the hosting... I can't access my domain or website but others can? There are 2 possible common reasons for this Your computer and/or internet has cached an old... I think I've been banned or blocked help? It is possible that your IP address has been blocked or banned from our server for one... I've forgotten my password! If you've forgotten your hosting account password please submit a ticket to the  support... What are your nameservers? The following are Techmania-host's name servers, dns2.tmhnetwork.comas of... What control panel do you use? Our web hosting and reseller control panels are all cPanel and WHM. This is the leading brand... Why is it beneficial to have a dedicated IP address? When it comes to hosting a website on a shared server, there is always quite a common...
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